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Responsible Sourcing

At Banolt, trust and transparency are our watchwords and we take our mission to show the true worth of African gemstones very personally. We painstakingly carry out due diligence on our supply chains to ensure that they support fair labor practices, preserve the environment and possess a tight chain of custody. 

Banolt has a team of renowned experts, who are highly skilled in the art of lapidary. This means that all our gemstones are cut and polished to your specifications to give you the optimum in value and beauty whether for wholesale or retail.


Jewelry Retail

In line with the vision to showcase the true worth of African gemstones, we are proud to produce a variety of natural African gemstones jewelry for sale. All our jewelry is handcrafted by industry experts with several years of experience and set in a variety of precious metals, including gold and nickel-free 925 Sterling Silver.


Our collection ranges from ready-made pieces, which are available for immediate purchase in our online store to those available through our jewelry design service. With our custom service, customers participate in every step of the process; from gemstone sourcing to designing the creation of their unique and personalized work of art, according to their designated budget. 

Business customers benefit from a bulk ordering service for commemorative or corporate products. 



Through our expertise in gemstone cutting and processing, we provide consultation services for governments and institutions interested in developing lapidary units within the community. These initiatives help to streamline the gemstone supply chain in a way that empowers the locals and allows them derive more value from their resources.

Environmental Rehab


Banolt works with a team of experts to design a reclamation program for mined land, to cushion the negative effects of gemstone mining on the environment. This forms part of our social responsibility, as most of these communities also rely on agriculture. With this program, communities can continue to sustain themselves through agriculture and at the same time restore the ecosystem. 

Geographical Field


We provide geological field mapping services to companies and institutions, particularly in the areas of gemstone and mineral deposits. We deliver high-quality geological maps that will serve as your guide and starting point in your selected mining project.

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