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Banolt Global Resources is an International Trade business located in Dallas, Texas USA. The core of what we do is ethical sourcing of African gemstones and exhibiting them on the global stage. We offer jewelry retail and marketing services through our online store:, as well as lapidary consulting, environmental reclamation and other related services.

Banolt was founded in 2010 with offices in Nigeria and the USA. Whilst our core operations have revolved around sourcing and trading of gemstones, this focus has expanded to incorporate other areas as the need has arisen.

We are on a mission to:

  • Provide a platform for exhibiting African gemstones on the global stage.

  • Develop a framework to support and compensate source communities, including key players in the African gemstone value chain.

  • Build awareness and educate locals on best practices for identifying and harnessing their gemstone deposits.

  • Encourage traceability and transparency of responsible mining practices at all levels within the supply chain.


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Our Gems and Jewelry brand retails via the online store which has a growing customer base in the US and across the globe. Banolt Gems & Jewelry handles the end-to-end sourcing and design of custom jewelry and commemorative items alongside the sale of ready-to-wear jewelry. 

Core Values



Social Responsibility

Our land is our home and we must preserve her integrity. That is why as we keep discovering some of mother nature's deepest treasures - gemstones, we consequently ensure that she is well cared for, along with all who dwell where these treasures are kept.

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